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At City Basket Berlin, we are passionate about basketball.
We love the game. The energy. The raw talent. The speed. The developing skill.
We provide a valuable service to young amateur basketball players.
Different players from many parts of Charlottenburg and the vicinities around, from different backgrounds, from many countries.
We are not the same, and yet we have one thing in common: the love of basketball.
Some of our players grew up in Berlin, others only arrived here recently.
To give you an idea and to encourage YOU personally to join us, these are some of these countries and regions:
France, Germany, Greece, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Syria and Turkey etc.
All of our staff is fluent at least in english, some in other major foreign languages. The training is held in German
though. Still you can bet you're going meet someone speaking the same mother tongue as you are!
Should you have any feedback regarding this topic, or would simply like to make some comments or even contribute some ideas or material, we would love to hear from you - simply contact us.